Strategic Vision and Impact

Charting a course for success in your pursuits, guided by insightful leadership at the Global African Business Awards and Conference.

Strategic Partnership

Building Fostering connections that lay the groundwork for the upcoming chapter in business evolution at the Global African Business Awards and Conference.

Pan-African Expansion Hub

Empowering companies with a gateway to seamless expansion across Africa, epitomized by Africa United at the Global African Business Awards and Conference
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Global African Business Awards:

Welcome to the epitome of excellence in African business – the Global African Business Awards. GABA is the No. 1 African business awards ceremony in the continent dedicated to recognizing and honouring the visionaries, innovators, companies and business leaders who are shaping the economic landscape of Africa. GABA celebrates outstanding achievements, promotes innovation, and fosters connections within the dynamic African business ecosystem.

Global African Conference:

Elevating the discourse and opportunities, the Global African Conference, held a day before the awards ceremony, serves as a powerhouse for networking and collaboration. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, global business leaders, media, and executives converge for a day of insightful discussions, engaging conversations, and strategic connections. This vibrant event provides a unique space for thought leaders to share their wisdom, entrepreneurs to showcase their ventures, and attendees to celebrate the diversity and dynamism of African business.

Excellence Unleashed

Celebrating African Visionaries, Innovators, and Leaders. Join us at GABA for a dynamic showcase of achievement and innovation.

African Business Summit

Forge connections, gain insights, and celebrate success. Join the Global African Conference – Where Leadership and Innovation Converge.

Innovation Nexus

Explore, Connect, Celebrate. Join GABA's Global African Business Awards and Conference – Where Ideas Ignite and Success Takes Center Stage.


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We develop the relationships that underpin the next phase in your organisation’s growth. We do this by discerning the people and that platforms where interests converge.
Global African Business Awards: Celebrating Diversity

Global African Business Awards: Achieving Milestones

Launched in 2017, GABA spans continents, with editions in Cameroon, Ethiopia, and now, in 2024, the grand event heads to South Africa. It stands as the biggest celebration of African excellence and achievement, uniting visionaries across borders.
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Global African Conference: Harnessing 27 Years of Expertise

Before there was GABA, we had GAC. The Global African Conference was launched in 1999. Leveraging our 27-year legacy, we gather industry experts across Africa to enrich our keynote speaker panels, engage in insightful discussions, and deliver transformative seminars, workshops, and conferences. Redefining the future of Africa through collaborative knowledge and innovation.

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Success Stories: Elevating African Excellence

Explore the narratives of triumph that have unfolded at the Global African Business Awards and Conferences. From groundbreaking innovations to transformative partnerships, these success stories illuminate the impact our platform has had on businesses and individuals across the continent. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journeys that embody the spirit of African achievement and progress.


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Dive into the dynamic world of African business with our News section. Stay informed about groundbreaking developments, industry insights, and the latest happenings surrounding the Global African Business Awards and Conference. Explore stories that shape the narrative of success, innovation, and collaboration across the continent. Welcome to a portal where news reflects the vibrancy and evolution of the African business landscape.